Pug Picnics at the Park

This is actually a collection of our last two trips to the park, with my BFF and my birthday twin. Like most pugs, Pug loves babies!

Pug Playing at the Park with a BabyPug Wants a Bite of my SaladPug eating cucumber at our picnic in the parkBaby holding Pug's leash

“You’re not going to let this kid walk me, are you??”

Pug sniffing a babyPug had to christen baby with some face sniffs and maybe a little bit of sneeze.

Pug lounging at the lake

This is nice and all, but I think it’s time for ice cream.

Pug at the Ice Cream shop

“What’s a Pug gotta do for some service around here?”

Pug posing with a turtle sundae

Sorry bub, Turtle Sundaes have chocolate!