Pug Reviews: Bully Bundles Bully Stick Subscription

Bully sticks are one of the best chewy treats you can give your dog. They’re fully digestible, long-lasting and help clean your dog’s teeth while being super tasty. The one downside to bully sticks, and the reason I don’t buy them super often, is that they tend to be pricey. If you feed your dog bully sticks regularly, the cost can really add up!

Bully Bundles Bully Stick Subscription
Enter, Bully Bundles.

Bully Bundles is a unique monthly subscription service that focuses on just one high-quality product: bully sticks. By purchasing in bulk (with monthly plans to suit a variety of dog household sizes) you can save money and with a subscription you never have to worry about running out of your dog’s favorite healthy treat!

Bully Bundles Bully Stick Subscription
“Enough photos, let’s eat!”

Bully sticks come in either 6-inch or 12-inch sizes and you can choose packages ranging from 5 sticks to 60 sticks per month (side note: those large packages would make an amazing gift to a shelter or rescue!). The more you buy, the more you save.

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Now, the pricing is all well and good but the important thing is the quality, right? We received a package of five 12-inch bully sticks to test out. These are low-odor (truly!), chemical free and made from free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle.

Pug Bully Bundles Bully Stick Subscription

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I know my bully sticks. No really, I sold tons of these things at the pet boutique where I worked and we had very competitive pricing. Generally, the denser (and therefore longer lasting) the bully stick was, the higher the price.

These would have easily been in the $9-10 range at our store. Even if you purchase the smallest subscription from Bully Bundles, the 12-inch sticks come out to $4.80 a piece before discounts.

Bully Bundles Bully Stick Subscription

Molly worked on her bully stick pretty aggressively and it took almost exactly an hour to finish it off, working nonstop. Pug would chew on his off and on (mostly because I wouldn’t allow it in the bed and he can only stand laying on the floor for so long) and he’s been working on the same one for a couple of weeks.

Overall I was super pleased with our Bully Bundles experience. It’s a convenient service your dog will love, and a great value particularly for multi-dog households. I also think it would make an awesome gift for pet parents that love to spoil their pooch.

If you decide to give Bully Bundles a try, remember to use my code PUGLIFE for 10% off.

Disclaimer: I received my package of Bully Bundles bully sticks for free in exchange for an honest review. As always, I only recommend products I truly believe in.