Relieve Sore Joints with a Cozy Cot from Kuranda

Find Joint Relief with Kuranda BedsYou may not know the name Kuranda, but you’ve undoubtedly seen them in action. Kuranda’s cot-style beds are a top choice among animal shelters for their study construction, chew-proof design and orthopedic support. I was personally interested in the latter.

Molly Tests the Kuranda Bed

Molly recently turned 13, and her hips and spine have gotten progressively stiffer and more painful over the past couple of years. She’s especially slow to get moving after waking up. The elevated design of the Kuranda bed provides evenly distributed support, relieving pressure on joints.

Kuranda Orthopedic Bed

Now, Molly is kind of weird about beds. In the past I have bought her giant fluffy beds, but she’d rather curl up into  pug-sized bed. Or simply lay on the hard floor. So I wasn’t sure she was going to take to the Kuranda.

Kuranda Orthopedic Bed

I did have to coax her into it the first few times, but I noticed that she would almost immediately lay down and relax. Unfortunately I can’t ask her if it feels more comfortable than her old bed, but she reacted kind of how I would if I’d just hopped into a hammock for the first time.

She still likes to lay on the floor (usually in heavily trafficked areas where she’s a tripping hazard) but she has gotten onto the Kuranda on her own more and more each day we’ve had it.

Kuranda Orthopedic Bed

The other nice feature is the Kuranda bed is indoor/outdoor. So on nice days when we’re spending long periods outside, I can bring Molly’s orthopedic support outside to her without worrying about ruining it.

Kuranda Orthopedic Bed

Even though it’s large in size, the Kuranda is super light weight. I had no trouble taking it up and down the stairs fully assembled.

Give the Gift of Comfort to a Shelter Pet

As I mentioned at the beginning, Kuranda beds are widely used in animal shelters and many shelters use them exclusively. One of my local rescues, Stray Rescue of St. Louis, is one of them. Kuranda actually offers a donation program through their website which makes it easy to donate a bed directly to your chosen shelter online. Plus, they offer the beds at a discount when you’re buying them as a donation!

Win a Kuranda Bed for your Pet in Identity Crisis

Kuranda is also hosting a Fido Files Identity Crisis photo contest. Just submit a photo of your dog sleeping like a human before June 14th, and you could win a Kuranda bed of your choice!

Our Review

Kuranda Orthopedic Bed

Like I said, Molly can’t tell me that the Kuranda bed is more comfortable on her joints, but all signs point to yes. Any dog (or cat!) could certainly benefit from the comfort of a Kuranda, but I particularly recommend looking into one for senior pets and large/giant breeds prone to hip and joint issues.

Let me know if you’ve tried a Kuranda bed and the impact it had on your pet in the comments.

Disclaimer: Kuranda provided me with this bed for free in exchange for an honest review and to spread the word about the Fido Files Identity Crisis photo contest. As always, I only recommend products I truly love!