Insta-Friday #171

My week in iPhone photos, videos and Snaps! Summer GearI was walking out the door when I found a surprise package on the porch from They hooked us up with some summer essentials and a cute new tote bag!

Pug wearing Chewy Sunglasses

Pug and I had to compete for the shades.

Pug Poop Emoji Toy

I went to Petsmart with my mom and when I came across this Poo Emoji toy I tried to convince her she had to buy it for Pug. She said he didn’t need any more toys. Hmph.

Then, when we got to the checkout what was hanging in the “impulse buy” area above the belt? Poo Emoji! I knew then it was fate and I threw it in with her stuff. Apparently I am “worse than a little kid”. Worth it.

Canvas and Cocktails Paint Your Pet Pug Painting

My mom and I also did a Paint Your Pet session at Canvas and Cocktails. Head over to this blog post for more info and to see the painting come to life.

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Pug got this realistic chili dog toy in our latest Loot Pets crate. As usual, he’s a stingy brat!

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And in honor of Shark Week, I had to reshare this video of the North American Bed Shark. Despite my campaigning Discovery Channel still has not reached out to feature Pug Shark in a Shark Week special.