Insta-Friday #174

Pug CuddleI’ve been off the grid a bit the past couple of weeks because my little boy was not feeling his best. I wrote a long rambling post about it already, so I’ll spare the details here. To make a long story short, the only thing that seemed to comfort him was extreme cuddling and I was happy to comply.

National Ice Cream Day Talenti Ice Cream and Frosty Paws

Of course, that didn’t mean we’d skip National Ice Cream Day.

Pug Smiling at the Vet

Pug loves visiting his friends at the vet. He doesn’t even mind a thermometer in his butt, just don’t touch his feet!

Pug Poop Emoji Cookie

Since his back issues were causing poop accidents, I got Pug this inspirational cookie. It must have worked because there has been no poops in the bed since!

Pug Loot Pets Jetsons Shirt

Modeling his latest Loot Pets shirt. I loved The Jetsons when I was a kid so this month’s shirts were a huge hit!

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We have two regulars at our hummingbird feeder, known as Green Back and Red Neck. For you guessed it, their green back and red neck respectively. Green Back is the friendlier of the two and I was pretty certain he was going to get stuck in my hair he was buzzing so close the other day!