Insta-Friday #175

My week in iPhone photos and video! Lots of silly holidays this month!

National Mutt Day

Some photos of my favorite mutt from the past year for National Mutt Day!

National Coloring Day Pug Coloring Book

Celebrating National Coloring Day by finally breaking in my pug coloring book I got for my birthday.

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Celebrating National Watermelon Day with what is possibly Pug’s favorite food. Nom nom nom.

Cubby Bear Chicaco Cubs Tatto

The Cubs asked for pictures of Cubs tattoos on Facebook and I realized I had never shown mine, even though it’s 9 years old now! This is the exact design of an old sticker I found with my grandpa’s Cubs memorabilia from the 60s. It’s my favorite Cubs logo.

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Yet another “holiday”. International Beer Day with Porky Pug Porter.

Pug in a stroller at the farmer's market

Pug being oh so bored at a non-food stand at the Farmer’s Market. He was quite the sight to a lot of people. You’d think they’d never seen a pug in a stroller before!

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We went for a walk at the SIUE Gardens to hunt Pokemon and apparently it’s a spawning ground for real life “Butterfrees”!

Pug Cuddles

This little goof completes me.

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Hardcore REM sleep.