Loot Pets October 2016 “Horror” Review

Since I’ve been dealing with ongoing health issues, I wasn’t able to film the usual unboxing video for October’s Loot Pets. Which sucks because it turned out to be a really great crate! Enough time had passed I finally couldn’t wait any longer and went ahead and opened it up so I could just do a blog post review. If you’d like to get your own subscription you can order here. Use code PUGLIFE to get 10% off!

October’s theme was “horror” which was a perfect fit for Halloween and the premier of the new season of The Walking Dead.

Loot Pets November 2016 Negan's Sluggers tshirt

Oof. Too soon, Loot Pets. Too soon.

Don’t get me wrong, this Negan’s Sluggers baseball t-shirt is fantastic. But too soon! If you’ve seen the season premiere of The Walking Dead, you’ll know what I mean. I won’t spoil anything, but I have not watched an episode since. I’m sure I will eventually, but the premiere was just too depressing and…hopeless feeling. I think I described it as torture porn on Twitter. Which is saying something since I’ve watched for 7 seasons!

I digress… the shirt is cool.

Loot Pets November 2016 Mystery Machine dog toyWho doesn’t love Scooby Doo? This Mystery Machine toy is adorably nostalgic. It’s a little thick for Pug’s mouth, despite being small overall, but I’m probably going to keep it anyway just because I think it’s so cute.

Loot Pets November 2016 Gremlins Pet Food MatThis is definitely my favorite item from this crate! Fun fact: Gremlins was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Which, looking back was probably a little dark for kids…Still, I loved it and I LOVE Gizmo. So I was super excited when Loot Pets announced there would be a Gremlins item this month. I really would have never expected a Gremlins placemat but I totally dig it!

This pet food mat is a Loot Pets exclusive and is made from washable microfiber with a non-skid bottom. Hopefully this will help Pug from pushing his bowl across the room when he eats!

Loot Pets November 2016 Spooky SnacksThis month’s treats were, as always, a hit with the dogs. These ghost shaped turkey flavored Spooky Snacks (I totally just realized that sounds really close to Scooby Snacks – ha!) are grain free and made in the USA as always.

Full ingredients:

Potato flour, potato starch, glycerin, Turkey, gelatin, sugar, lecithin, powdered cellulose, xantan gum, caramel color, preserved with citric acid and potassium sorbate

I feel like they missed the perfect opportunity to use pumpkin as a flavor but I do appreciate them deviating from the usual shapes.

Loot Pets November 2016 Halloween Dog TagAnd finally we have a Halloween pet tag which is perfect for the holiday or for anyone that’s a horror movie buff.

That’s it for October’s Loot Pets crate. A pretty solid crate! No complaints.

This month’s theme is “Revolution” and will include items from Rick & Morty and Invader Zim – two franchises I am wholly unfamiliar with. But, hopefully it will be good stuff regardless!

Check my YouTube channel later this month for my unboxing of November’s Loot Pets and check back here for a full review! Or if you’d like to join in the fun you can order your own subscription and get 10% off with my code PUGLIFE.

Disclaimer: I received my Loot Pets subscription for free to help promote Loot Pets. I always strive to be as honest as possible in my reviews.