Pug Reviews: Grandma Lucy’s Simple Remedy

I recently got the opportunity to try out some products from Grandma Lucy’s. First up for review is Simple Remedy – an innovative take on an old standby remedy for upset stomach – chicken and rice. Simple Remedy is aptly named, it’s simply freeze-dried chicken and rice!

Grandma Lucy's Simple RemedyNow, I know what you may be thinking. Can’t I just make my own chicken and rice when my dog has an upset stomach? Of course. But, if you’ve ever been woken up in the middle of the night with a puking dog, or spent the night taking trips outside, the last thing you want to do is wake up bright and early to prepare chicken and rice (and that’s assuming you have chicken thawed and ready to go!). This scenario is exactly where Simple Remedy comes in.

Grandma Lucy's Simple Remedy

To prepare, all you need is hot or boiling water and 10 minutes.

Grandma Lucy's Simple Remedy

I prepared a sample sized portion to review, because I plan to keep the rest of the bag on hand for tummy emergencies! Grandma Lucy’s claims to use state-of-the-art freeze-drying technology, and I can’t disagree with those claims.

Grandma Lucy's Simple Remedy

If you’ve used freeze-dried products before, you know that they don’t all rehydrate equally. The Simple Remedy fully absorbed all the liquid, and after 10 minutes it was basically indistinguishable from freshly prepared chicken and rice. I tried some samples of their freeze-dried complete diets and had the same experience. The dry food was similar in texture to potato flakes, and absorbed liquid better than any freeze-dried food I’ve tried to date.

If you’re concerned about ingredient quality, Simple Remedy is top-notch. Grandma Lucy’s sources 87% of their ingredients (and 100% of their chicken) in the US and has personal contact with all suppliers and growers. Chicken used by Grandma Lucy’s is antibiotic, GMO and added-hormone free.

Grandma Lucy's Simple Remedy

Most importantly, despite being bland, your dog will gobble it up.

Overall I definitely recommend any pet parent keep a bag of Simple Remedy on hand. Even if you usually make chicken and rice yourself, it would be a huge convenience when you need a meal quickly. And if your dog gets an upset tummy while traveling it would be a lifesaver. The bag won’t add weight to your luggage but can be quickly prepared in a hotel room with hot water from the tap or coffee maker.

If you don’t normally cook your own, Simple Remedy is leaps and bounds above many of the chicken and rice foods on the market.

Disclaimer: I received a package of Grandma Lucy’s Simple Remedy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  As always, I never recommend any products I don’t fully stand behind.

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