Insta-Friday #183

Whew, what a week! I didn’t get a chance to post because I was too frantic over coordinating my first political rally. While I’ve been a participant in several since January 20, I’d never taken the lead in organizing. The event was an ACA Anniversary celebration at my local congressional office. I was really afraid no one else would show up! But with help from some great group members and co-organizers, we had a great turnout. So, let’s catch up!

Pugs and Pugs sleepover under the sheet

First and foremost we’ve been continuing to get to bond with our new family member, Pugs. If you missed Pugs’ story, you can read that here.

Pug Vet Checkup

We also had a check-in with the vet about Pug’s back. He’s been dragging his back feet more often, you can tell because the middle nails have filed themselves down. We are basically going to keep doing our current treatment plan, but adding cold laser therapy and possibly acupuncture.
One of the visiting vets that comes to our office recently learned how to do acupuncture at a conference, so once she is up and running we will have a local place to try it. I’m also looking into building a rudimentary cart for his really bad days, so he can still get a little bit of exercise on those days.

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Very fun but very new having such an energetic pug in the house! Pug was only a year older than Pugs when we got him, but he was never this active!

Pug and Pugs almost cuddling

The first time they almost cuddled.

Pugs stolen ice cream sandwich

Another change…no more leaving my snacks on the nightstand while I step out of the room! Luckily when I came back in Pugs had just gotten the wrapper off and had only gotten a tiny bit of this ice cream sandwich. That wouldn’t have been pretty!

Pug and Pugs butt pillow

And their first real cuddle. I was working away at the computer on my aforementioned event, turned my head and found THIS. My heart nearly burst.

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All the toys in the world, and he finds a stray Diet Mt. Dew bottle under my desk.

ACA Anniversary Rally at congressional office

And here I am delivering my giant ACA Anniversary card to my congressman.