The Story of Pugs

This has been the hardest secret to keep! I was able to share the good news about adding a new member to our family last Saturday. But it has actually been in the works since way back in October. We met Pugs at Strut Your Mutt St. Louis. I had seen a perky little pug running along the strut route, and noted how much energy he had for a pug. Especially considering my old man was being pushed in a stroller!

After the walk, my ears perked when I heard the MC say that a pug named Pugs was available for adoption. My head whipped around to the stage and who did I see? The perky pug from the walk!

I searched for the rescue group’s booth and we met Pugs for the first time.

There we learned that Pugs’ had a unique situation. He was being fostered by the rescue because his mom was sadly terminally ill. He would be available for adoption, but for the time-being the rescue founder wanted to keep him close to be able to visit his mom when possible. I was of course fully supportive of this option. I can’t imagine being separated from my babies during such a heartbreaking time.

I haven’t been actively looking for a second pug but I’ve wanted to add another for a long time. While I fully support senior adoptions, I already have two senior dogs that are 13 and 14. At least in my area, you don’t see young pugs in rescue very often. Pugs had just turned 3. He seemed like the perfect fit for our family and situation, and I was willing to wait for him.

We continued to keep in touch and though it was bittersweet, within the past couple of weeks Pugs’ mom was no longer able to visit with him and the rescue was ready to let him go to his new home.

Pugs was sad to see his foster mom leave, and it broke my heart that he was confused by what was happening. I am his fourth (and final!) home. He was purchased from a breeder, relinquished to the rescue at 11 months, adopted to his mom and returned when her family was no longer able to care for him during her diagnosis.

I am happy to report that Pugs has gotten more and more comfortable in his new home every day. I now sleep pinned in on each side by pug cuddles.

Sometimes I briefly forget I have a second pug and when I look over at them I just get so happy.

Pug and Pugs still mostly ignore each other but they get closer to cuddling every day. I have a good feeling that they will be the best of friends and brothers with enough time. We even have a great new routine for walks. Pugs has lots of energy and can walk for blocks without getting out of breath, while Pug happily rides in the K9 Sport Sack.


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So, that’s the first chapter in the Story of Pugs. I look forward to many, many more!