Easter Egg Hunt Review of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Treats

Natural Balance LIT treats easter egg hunt reviewSince adopting Pugs several weeks ago, I’ve had to become more diligent about checking ingredient labels. I was able to narrow down his bouts of vomiting to turkey dog food but since he seems to have a more sensitive stomach than my other dogs, I remain vigilant. That’s why I decided to try Natural Balance L.I.T. from Chewy.com this month. These treats are designed with a limited number of protein and carbohydrate sources (no wheat or soy) so they are suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies.

For a fun twist, I decided to conduct this review as an Easter Egg hunt, seeing if the treats would be tasty enough for the dogs to “hunt” them out. Natural Balance LIT Sweet Potato and Bison treats

I tried two different types of treats from this line, first are the Sweet Potato and Bison baked cookies. They also come in duck, venison or fish varieties. These treats are pretty large and are definitely better suited for my larger dog, Molly (40lbs). You can snap them in half but because they’re grain-free they are a bit crumbly. (I actually just saw while linking that they make a small-breed size of these treats, definitely choose those for pugs!)

Natural Balance LIT Mini Jumpin Stix Venison and Sweet Potato

I chose Mini Jumpin’ Stix in venison, but they also come in duck or chicken. These treats have added glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health. They’re mini, obviously, but can easily be torn into even smaller bite-sized pieces which make them a great choice for training or loading into puzzle toys (or eggs!).

Pugs eating Natural Balance Mini Jumpin Stix

As you’ll see in the Easter Egg hunt video, Pug is the only one who can actually crack the eggs open himself to get to the treats. As a result, he cleaned up most of them. So, I had to break a few open for the other dogs to test them out! The treats proved to be smelly enough for everyone to want the eggs, although I think the Mini Jumpin’ Stix were a bit more fragrant, making for a higher-value treat.

Pug Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison treat

Molly was especially drawn to the Sweet Potato and Bison cookies, getting a whole mouthful straight from the bag while I filled the eggs!

We had a great time having our Easter Egg hunt with the Natural Balance L.I.T. treats but more importantly I think that this line is a great resource for pet-parents of dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. I actually reviewed some Natural Balance dental chews some time ago, and this line includes limited ingredient dental chews as well. I review a lot of allergy-friendly food and treats but having an entire dedicated line with “limited ingredient” clearly spelled out makes it fool-proof. It makes for fast and easy shopping when you know that anything under the L.I.T. line is suitable for your pup. They also come at very reasonable prices, which is always good, but especially when your dog requires “special” foods!

Disclaimer:As a Chewy Influencer, I received my bags of Natural Balance LIT treats for free in exchange for an honest review. As always, I never recommend any products we don’t fully stand behind.