Pugs Take Chicago – Pugs in the City

In lieu of InstaFriday, since most of my photos are from #PugsTakeChicago anyway, I’m going to start posting my photos from my trip to Chicago! We traveled north last Friday for a weekend of pug fun with so many of our online pug pals and lots of locals as well. Wrangling 2 pugs by myself in the big city meant that I didn’t get nearly as many photos as I would have liked, but we did get quite a few.

Pugs Kimpton Hotel Allegro ChicagoThe official hotel was the Kimpton Allegro in the theater district of The Loop. It was absolutely gorgeous and right up my alley aesthetically. Very 1920s, super glam.

Pug and Pugs Kimpton Hotel Allegro

Our room even came with pug pedestals! Okay, that may not be their intended use, but in practice they were perfect.

Pug and Pugs Kimpton Hotel Allegro Chicago bed

Pugs Hotel Bed Kimpton Allegro Chicago

Naturally the boys slept in the big bed with me, as usual, but they made use of our complimentary Kimpton dog bed while I soaked in the tub.

Pug and Pugs Kimpton Hotel Allegro Chicago

Spanky and Darla Kimpton Hotel Allegro

We arrived on Friday just in time to check in to our room and head down to the nightly Prosecco hour in the Allegro’s lobby. As soon as we stepped off the elevator we ran into our dear friends Spanky and Darla! It was surreal meeting them in the flesh! And their mom was just as kind and lovely as I imagined.

Tuesday the pug Kimpton Hotel Allegro Chicago Violet Pug Kimpton Hotel Allegro Chicago

Pugs got a little excited about meeting our Chicago host, Violet!

Pug Champagne Hour Kimpton Hotel Allegro Chicago

Pro-tip: champagne glasses fit perfectly into the cup holders in our dog stroller.

In between official Pugs Take Chicago events I was able to get a little sight-seeing in and some photos of the boys in the city.

Sunday morning before we had to head home, I packed Pug in the K9 Sport Sack* for a little more exploring. The Loop was pretty deserted at that time of day, so we leisurely wandered around near the hotel and found a pet store to pick up snacks.

Our only family photo from the entire weekend! A couple stopped to meet the boys and ask me about the K9 Sport Sack, and were nice enough to take a (somewhat bedraggled) photo of us.

And then all too soon it was time to pack up the car and head back home. I have lots more pictures (and even more video footage I’ve been uploading to YouTube) to share of specific events. We had so much fun meeting our pug pals in real life for the first time, and exploring my favorite city together. It was stressful at times with two dogs and only one me, but I can’t wait to come back – hopefully with an assistant!

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