Mixed Emotions

Pugs and Pug black and whiteSoon after Pugs officially became a member of our family I wrote an introduction post about him, explaining how I had met him at Strut Your Mutt months beforehand. Pugs’ owner Debbie had become terminally ill with brain cancer and her friend and founder of his rescue, Gunner’s Run, had taken him in. Pugs stayed with her so that while it was still possible, Pugs could visit with his mom during her illness.

When that was no longer possible, we made the adoption official and Pugs came to live with me.

Pugs and Pug spooning black and white

Sadly, Debbie passed away earlier this month. I had never met the woman, but I felt I knew her in a way through Pugs. I ached for her, knowing how heartbroken she must have felt to give up her pets. I felt for her family, knowing how devastating it is to watch your loved one fade away, having just went through it with my grandma a year ago.

But mostly my emotions are mixed up because I almost felt bad for loving Pugs so much. Adding him to our family has been such a joy and I feel like he was the perfect fit for our little pack. But, I knew that my joy came at the expense of heartbreak for another family.

Pugs Sleeping like a person

Pugs’ foster mom had told me that she was going to send Debbie’s family a link to my blog so that they could see Pugs was having a great life. Debbie’s nephew contacted me through my blog email to thank me, and said that it meant a lot to the whole family to see that Pugs was so loved. He said that his aunt would be so happy to see the life that I am giving him.

And even though I’m still feeling mixed emotions, that definitely helped. So, thank you Debbie for being a great mom to Pugs for the two years you spent together. I will do my best to be an awesome mom to him for the rest.