Pugs’ First Puppuccino

Wednesday Molly had a grooming appointment and I took Pugs along to get his nails trimmed. Not wanting to drive all the way back home while we waited, we stayed close to the store and killed some time at Starbucks. There, Pugs got to try his very first “Puppuccino”, one of Pug’s favorite treats! (If you aren’t familiar, a puppuccino or “pup cup” depending on your location, is just a cup of whipped cream)

Pugs and Me Starbucks selfie

Pug is still recovering from a UTI and I didn’t want to drag him out of the house unecessarily. So, Pugs and I got to have a little one-on-one time.

Pugs at Starbucks green teaPugs First Starbucks Puppuccino Pugs First Starbucks Puppuccino Pugs First Starbucks Puppuccino

The outdoor seating at this Starbucks is right next to the drive-thru line, so people kept rolling down their windows to say hi to Pugs. No one can resist his charms!