Enjoy a Taste of the Tropics with Grandma Lucy’s + Giveaway

Grandma Lucy's Macanna Pureformance treats coconut oven baked treatsThis month we got the chance to try out a few more Grandma Lucy’s products, including their new Macanna dog food. Let’s see how my dogs liked their taste of the tropics.

Grandma Lucy's Macanna Salmon freeze-dried dog food dry

The main attraction was Macanna (which means gift in Hawaiian), a freeze-dried, grain-free complete diet for dogs. Macanna comes in salmon, beef, or pre-mix to add your own protein. I always like to add more fish to my dog’s diet when I can, so I chose salmon. But the real stars of the show are the secondary ingredients which were specifically chosen for their health benefits:

  • Hemp Hearts – high in Omega 3 & 6 and no known allergies
  • Pinto Beans – low in fat and high in fiber, are great for dogs with allergies
  • Coconut – aids digestion and joint health
  • Kale – full of antioxidants, high in iron and more calcium than milk
  • Turmeric – contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Blueberries – contains antioxidants to boost immune system
  • Pumpkin – good source of Vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium (and gives dogs healthy poops!)

And because Macanna is freeze-dried, which uses a low-level of heat, the ingredients maintain more of their nutritional properties as well as their natural taste and texture. Freeze-dried food is also convenient since it is shelf-stable and light weight which makes it great for travel. All you need is water and your dog gets a fresh-tasting meal.

You mix one part of the dry mix with one to two parts water, depending on your dog’s preference. I tend to use less water since my dog’s seem to prefer their food with less liquid.

Pug eating Grandma Lucy's freeze-dried Macanna Salmon food out of martini glass

If you’re familiar with freeze-dried foods at all, you know that some proteins rehydrate better than others. I found the finished salmon Macanna was more liquidy than some others I’ve tried, but it didn’t affect the dog’s enjoyment at all. All three licked their bowls clean, and then inspected each other’s bowls to make sure there was nothing left behind!

Pug wearing lei with food on his face

Next up we tried Pureformance Starters in the fish recipe. Made with Alaskan pollock and chickpeas, you can toss one to your dogs while they’re frantically waiting the 5 minutes it takes for their freeze-dried food to rehydrate (the longest 5 minutes of their lives, according to my dogs). These treats are also freeze-dried with gentle heat, so they retain nutrients while requiring no preservatives.

Pug wearing lei, Grandma Lucy's Pureformance Starters freeze-dried fish treatsMost importantly, they appear to be very tasty. And since they contain only pollock, chickpea flour, flax, carrots and apple, they’re allergy friendly too.

Pug eating Grandma Lucy's Pureformance freeze-dried fish treat

And last but not least we tried the Organic Oven Baked Coconut treats, which are the only recipe in the bear shaped line that is wheat-free. I’m very familiar with the Organic Oven Baked treat line since I used to sell many bags when I worked at the pet store (that’s also where I learned that the oven baked treats are quite tasty to humans too – shhh). We also reviewed the blueberry version back in February with a DIY Valentine treat tutorial.

Grandma Lucy's Organic Coconut Baked Treats wheat-free

They look just the same as the regular Organic Baked Treats if slightly more grainy in texture. These little bears use oat flour in place of wheat to make them safe for sensitive dogs.

Tasty and tropical and a perfect summertime treat! If you sneak a few for yourself, I won’t tell.

Grandma Lucy's Macanna Pureformance treats coconut oven baked treats

If you’d like to treat your dogs to some of these goodies, you can enter to win a bag of Organic Baked Coconut Treats and a sampling of Macanna freeze-dried foods below. The giveaway is open to US residents 18+. Check the Rafflecopter widget for full terms and conditions. Good luck and thanks to Grandma Lucy’s for sharing the love with one lucky reader!

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Disclaimer: We received this package of Macanna Salmon, Pureformance treats and Organic Baked Treats plus giveaway prizes, for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and as always, I never recommend products I don’t full support!

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