Pugs Shop Local

This weekend we did some great local shopping. On Saturday we hit the farmer’s market and on Sunday we went to the grand opening of a new Treats Unleashed location in the Central West End.

Pugs r2d2 harness. pug in strollerpug dachsund farmer's market pug farmer's marketPugs took every available opportunity to demand belly rubs from strangers.

Farmer's Market peaches stand dog Pug Farmer's Market bag

I didn’t really plan well for how I was going to wrangle the stroller, Pugs on a leash, and carry my purchases. Luckily Pug didn’t mind riding with the produce.

Pugs and Pug checking out the treat table

While I did carry Pug to and from the car (or it would have taken forever!) he did great walking around the store for over an hour. His little curl was up and wagging for a large portion of it, possibly because of all the great smells and other dogs. pug sniffing treats pug caricature drawing

Part of the grand opening celebration at Treats Unleashed was free pet caricatures. Can you even stand it?? This baby is definitely going in a frame. I love how huge she made Pugs’ eyes and even captured Pug’s sad old man face.