Pug and Pugs at Howl-O-Ween 2017

Every October we attend the Howl-o-Ween festival put on by our local rescue, Partners 4 Pets. This was Pugs’ first year attending! Normally I dress up the dogs (Howloween was the setting for one of my all-time fave costumes, the Power Ranger Pugs), and I had a spider theme planned out. However, it required the use of the K9 Sport Sack and when I let the dogs out that morning to find it a blazing 85 degrees, I realized it just wasn’t happening. So, we went sans costumes this year, but still had lots of fun!

Pug in stroller with giant spider

Since I had to scrap my original idea at the last minute and take the stroller, I threw my spider decorations on the stroller to be a little bit more Halloween-y.

pug wearing GoPro getting petted by kids

I still had the library GoPro so I strapped it on Pugs to get some additional video footage. He was of course a big hit, especially with kids.

Jurassic Park pet and human costume

My FAVE costume, and one I totally want to steal.

Have you attended any Halloween events with your pets this year?