Riding in Style with Molly Mutt

I was first introduced to Molly Mutt a few years ago when I worked at a pet store. We carried their dog bed duvets and I fell in love with the high-quality canvas and one particularly adorable print (grey with yellow and white fire hydrants, now retired). After eyeing it for months, it went on sale and my willpower failed. Fortunately,  I was doubly impressed by the durability of the fabric and how well it bounced back after being washed.  So, when Molly Mutt reached out about their new line of car seat covers, I was all in.

Disclaimer: I was sent this Molly Mutt car seat cover free of charge in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own and I never recommend any products I don’t truly love, or brands I don’t personally support.

Car seat covers almost universally come in one of two colors – black or tan. But Molly Mutt has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. They currently offer 8 pattern choices. It was tough to choose, but I ended up going with the papillon pattern. I have a red car with red accents, so I thought it went well, plus the pattern should make pug hairs a little less noticeable!

The car seat covers use the same high-quality canvas I have come to love. It’s thick and durable, without being overly stiff and is quilted for extra comfort. To keep the cover in place, there is a non-skid backing and seat anchors. These are a must because they keep tricky dogs from re-positioning your seat cover to their own liking (been there done that, drove around with Pug under the seat cover one too many times).

Oh, and the quilting encompasses the entire car seat cover. I have another premium cover that only has half quilting; the flap that creates the hammock is just a single layer. That quilting is especially nice if you use the cargo area installation since it offers a bit of cushioning.

There are openings cut out for seat belts, and I was able to attach the dogs’ car harnesses, including the anchor straps, without any issue. I was worried that since the openings were pre-cut and not velcro I might have issues, but I haven’t run into any.

The colors are super vibrant and if they perform like the dog bed duvets, will maintain their quality and vibrancy even after being covered in doggy dirt and put through the wash. (One thing to note, while the fabrics are durable, these covers are not water resistant. They should handle the occasional muddy feet just fine but if you do a lot of water activities you’ll probably want to skip these for something that is waterproofed.)

Basically, this car seat cover gets a resounding recommendation from me (unless you really need waterproof). You really are getting tremendous quality for the money, besides the fact that they’re just gorgeous to look at! You can also coordinate the car seat cover patterns with other Molly Mutt products, like dog duvets and kennel covers.

Are you familiar with Molly Mutt, and if so, what’s your favorite pattern?