Pugs Review: Whimzees Dental Dog Treats

Whimzees Dental ChewsFebruary is Pet Dental Health Month, so naturally I chose a dental treat for our Chewy Review. I’ve been a big fan of Whimzees dental treats for a few years now, but I’d only ever bought the alligator version. Frankly, because I think they’re the cutest. But I was curious to try a different shape to see if they performed differently, hence the Whimzees Stix.

As part of the Chewy Influencer program, I received this package of Whimzees Dental Treats for free in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own and I never endorse any products I don’t truly love!

Whimzees Dental Chews
All Whimzees Dental Treats, regardless of shape, are made of the same high-quality ingredients. They’re fully digestible, limited-ingredient and grain and gluten free. The only dogs they wouldn’t be suitable for are dogs with potato allergy/intolerance since potato starch is the main ingredient. Here’s a look at the full ingredient list:

Potato Starch, Glycerin, Powdered Cellulose, Lecithin, Yeast, Color Added (Malt Extract, Annatto Extract, Alfalfa Extract).

pug eating dental chew treat

The texture of the Whimzees is quite hard, so they do take a few minutes to chew through. Your dog will kind of soften them up as they gnaw and be able to eat them that way. But they’re not so hard that my old guy with bad teeth can’t tackle them. I will say, the main difference I found between the Stix and the alligators was that Pug had an easier time, but Pugs got through them more quickly.

So I’d say for older dogs with fewer teeth, the Stix are ideal. But for my younger guy, I will stick with the alligators. That way they will be able to finish at about the same time, and Pugs won’t try to sneak in and steal his brother’s!

pug eating dental treat
Also, the alligators have a lot of great nubs which are great for their teeth and gums. But since Pug has such poor gums and teeth, he could actually sometimes cause himself to bleed. This didn’t occur with the Stix.

Whimzees Stix

The Whimzees come in three different colors which are naturally produced with alfalfa, annatto and malt extracts that also provide beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamins K and C, and six B vitamins. Even the treats with color do not stain in my experience, which makes Whimzees a great choice if your dog likes to eat their dental chews on the furniture!

Whimzees packaging

And last but not least, I love that the Whimzees packaging seals with Velcro! It’s the little things in life, right? But I swear I have so many treat packages with broken zipper seals. The Velcro is such a nice convenience.

If you haven’t tried Whimzees yet, definitely pick some up. And if you’re already a fan, give a new shape a try. You might be surprised!